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Is It Time to Replace the Garage Door?

Sometimes, it’s clear when it’s time to find a garage door replacement. It makes absolute sense to say that significant damage speaks for itself. No need to guess what to do when the garage door has collapsed and is extensively damaged. Or, when the garage is flooded and the door is rotten. Or, when wind-borne debris causes severe garage door damage and often penetrates the panel.

In all such cases and especially when the garage door is already old, there’s not much to think about it. Even if it’s relatively new, the garage door repair cost may be overwhelming. And truth be told, the garage door may not have the power to serve and, even more, the power to resist the elements. It makes perfect sense to say that on all such occasions, getting a new garage door is the best you can do.

But how about the times the garage door is not very old, not very new either, but its condition is not optimal? How about if there is some damage – the one that raises some concerns, but not quite alarming? Will you know what to do and decide? When will it be the best time to replace the garage door?

What kind of garage door damage are we talking about?

damaged garage doorNo problem is good news. But you don’t rush to get a new garage door just because you have some opener problems. Although all garage door problems are serious, they are still categorized by their seriousness.

Minor problems are considered those of aesthetic nature. Also, those that can be fixed. Dealing with broken garage door cables is a big thing but not a reason to start shopping for a new garage door. Even if a problem is particularly serious – one that keeps the garage door from moving or closing, it’s still not the time to jump to conclusions.

Sometimes, what appears to be a simple problem may hide some serious considerations, which shouldn’t go unnoticed. To give you an example. If the paint on the garage door is peeling, you may decide to repaint it. But is it worth it? It depends on the condition of the garage door. If there’s rust under the peeling paint and is extensive, it’s often best to have it replaced. But you should let a garage door contractor help you with such a decision.

What’s the garage door condition?

While fixable problems shouldn’t make you think of buying a new garage door but only finding a repair technician, it always depends on the condition of the garage door too. It’s one thing to deal with an opener or spring problem of a garage door that’s relatively new and, most importantly, in good condition, and another thing to have a problem with a garage door that’s already in bad shape.

Does the garage door age matter?

replace garage doorThe garage door age always matters. In most cases, the older the garage door, the worse its condition. This makes sense, doesn’t it? But this is not absolute. In some cases, the garage door may be old but in very good shape. And in such cases, you don’t need to replace it unless you consider its style dated and want something different.

A major criterion in such decisions is the actual condition of the garage door. It must be operational. Even more crucial, it must be in such good shape so that it will work safely. This is something achieved when the homeowners don’t miss their annual garage door maintenance appointments. And they call technicians even if they need a quick fix.

Many things determine the condition of the garage door – its parts, how often it is maintained, how well it is maintained and fixed, its initial installation and quality – everything. Of course, external factors play a huge role too. That’s why such decisions are often difficult to make. Even if the garage door is properly maintained – hence, in good shape, sudden damage due to forceful impact may urge you to search for a replacement. Then again, by keeping it in good shape, such a possibility is minimized. So, to make a sound decision, consider all that and basically the condition of your garage door.

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