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Steel Garage Doors – A Good Choice or Not?

When it comes to considering the materials for a garage door replacement, steel is on the list of the most possible candidates. Since this project isn’t easy and, surely, getting a new garage door is a big thing, it’s quite normal to have some doubts about the material. Besides, all materials have advantages and disadvantages. The secret to making a choice you won’t regret is to get a garage door material with the least problems. A material whose disadvantages can be somehow fixed. Will a steel door be this option?

In one word, yes. Steel garage doors are a great choice for most homes. Let us see the reasons why.

The steel garage door durability makes a difference

steel garage door2Since the durability of garage doors matter, steel makes a difference. This material is particularly strong and holds well under all situations, even with powerful impact. Of course, not all qualities are the same. And the strength of the steel garage door will also depend on both the number of the panel’s layers and the impact.

Fear possible corrosion? You are right to have such concerns. All other advantages aside, steel is a material that can corrode. But not if it’s coated. Today, good-quality steel garage doors do not rust since they are layered with a coating system. This system involves a hot-dipped galvanized layer and also a baked-on primer and a coat on top. This system protects from corrosion and ensures the door’s durability.

If you worry about the wind and impact resistance of the garage door, think of how strong steel is. Then, you can easily find hurricane garage doors, which are wind load and impact tested and rated, made of steel. In a great variety too.

The steel garage door designs and colors suit all tastes

Speaking of variety, the steel garage door designs, styles, colors, and aesthetic options are numerous. Thanks to the great popularity of this material, the options are innumerable.

  • Short and long raised panel garage doors
  • Carriage style garage doors
  • Craftsman garage doors
  • Steel garage doors with or without windows
  • Classic, traditional, and contemporary designs

A steel garage door can be ornate or as minimalistic as a flush garage door design. It may have windows in any configuration and accents or not. The color options are a lot, while the garage door can be repainted.

The garage door cost won’t break the bank

steel garage door1The cost to get a steel garage door is average. You don’t pay the high price of most wood garage doors but you pay more than you would for an aluminum garage door. Then again, nothing is absolute. The price depends on a number of factors, like the steel garage door sizes, the insulation method, the number of layers, the location, the installation too. Overall, steel garage doors are affordable but you need to consider the features to get a better understanding of the price. And don’t forget to include the steel garage door installation in your calculations.

Steel garage doors may provide high energy efficiency

Since metals are bad insulators, steel garage doors are nearly always insulated. That’s one of the disadvantages of this material but one that can be solved. Besides, nearly all materials need to be insulated to provide some energy efficiency. The good news with steel doors is that they can be constructed in several layers (usually 1 to 3) and the void in between is filled with the insulation material.

The double- and triple-layer steel garage doors do not only provide high energy efficiency but also greater durability too. They work better, move more firmly, and protect very well.

Will a steel garage door be a good choice for you?

Yes, you need to be sure that your new steel garage door is coated to be rust-resistant. And yes, it’s important to get it insulated but that’s all the bad to this material. And they are both fixable. As for the good, they are very important. And one good thing brings another.

A few examples? When the garage door is durable, it lasts for long and you don’t need to replace it soon. If it’s insulated, you save energy and thus money. With a versatile and popular material, you can easily find replacement parts and unique styles to match your own. It’s easy to say that steel garage doors are an excellent choice for nearly all homes. Don’t you agree?

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