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2 Garage Doors to 1 Conversion

It’s with ultimate professionalism and accuracy that our company handles all 2 garage doors to 1 conversion Houston Texas projects. Every little step – from the very first inspection of the garage and structure to the measurement and the installation of the new double door, is fundamental. We aim at satisfying such requests to the fullest and also, ensuring structural stability, integrity, safety. And let us assure you. While converting two single garage doors into one door is a very demanding job, we make it as hassle-free as it can be – totally stress-free for you.

Houston two garage doors to one conversion jobs start on the right foot

2 Garage Doors to 1 Conversion Houston

You can trust us with the 2 garage doors to 1 conversion in Houston and be certain about the way the entire project is carried out. We understand how much this project means to you! After all, if you prefer having 1 double garage door and not 2 single doors, chances are high you need the extra space. And this is the greatest advantage of such conversions. With a large door, you can get more cars in the garage. You can drive in and out with ease. You also update the home exterior appearance, increasing value as well. And then, you won’t have two openers and remotes to worry about. It seems that the need for garage door repair Houston services will be decreased, since you will only have one door now.

All the above is swell and the main reasons why turning 2 garage doors into 1 is an excellent choice. But such perks aside, our team focuses on ensuring the job is done to perfection. That’s what’s important. To convert a standard 2 car garage to single door and get all the benefits of this project without worrying about safety matters – not one bit.

The steps of converting 2 single garage doors into 1 double door

  •          Heights Garage Door Repair Services sends pros to measure, experts in checking the structure to ensure the conversion won’t affect the integrity of the building.
  •          Then, you choose the double garage door you want, while we help you pick the right size and offer many design options.
  •          The techs remove the center pillar of a 2-car garage and replace the single doors with one double door.

Converting 2 garage doors into 1 door is challenging, while the installation of the double door must also be done to perfection. Wouldn’t you prefer to have the job done by experts? Depend on us. Ask our help. Call us to discuss your requirements and get your 2 garage doors to 1 conversion in Houston started.

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